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Community Driven DEFI on Binance Smart Chain by 2 million+ miners!

Building the first trading-mining platform in the world

Our Main Features

EgonSwap is Providing the Best and Easy to Use Features to fulfill the User's needs.
EgonSwap allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving their personal wallet. With Swap, you can exchange crypto in your private wallet or your Trading Account, and get the new token/coin deposited into your account immediately without delay.
EgonSwap Stake is a way to put your crypto to work and earn rewards. Staking involves committing your crypto assets to support a blockchain network, and you get rewarded for doing so. Instead of having your crypto in your wallet doing nothing without added value, you can stake to earn more EGON.
Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with your cryptocurrency holdings. In simple terms, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting rewards. It works with users called liquidity providers (LP) that add funds to liquidity pools.
Project LaunchPad
EgonSwap Finance will offer projects launching pads which provides new access to a community of crypto investors and enthusiasts, ready to explore a new project as increasingly more projects are heading towards launchpads for fundraising.
Why Hold EGON?
EgonSwap Finance is a long-term project building for several use cases with rewarding mechanism for all people of the world using decentralized systems. Use case comprises of Crypto Wallet App, Metaverse Game, even a mining community of more than two million people!
Already close to a million users are currently using the crypto wallet app – CryptoKara for day to day transactions to send, receive, and store their crypto in a safe decentralized wallet app. Also the Crypto Price analyst platform currently undergoing upgradation in preparation for worldwide global re-launch.
EgonSwap Finance will also release an NFT Metaverse Game for users to get rewarded for participating in this emerging new world order. An immersive experience at its best.

All the Benefits of EgonSwap DEX

Decentralized Exchange

You can swap, stake, farm, earn passive income with the liquidity provider option all Decentralized which gives you maximum protection.

Retroactive Reward Reserve

As part of reward program to benefit users EgonSwap team is making plans for a future retroactive reward event. Make sure to use EgonSwap DEX to lock-in your future EgonSwap token reward according to your DEX activity!


You are 100% in control of your funds at all time and there is no trusted third party involved in the process. Stake and remove your liquidity anytime you want. Your keys and your funds!


Start using EgonSwap DEX without limiting requirements. Jump straight in, with no registration, no verification or KYC/AML required!


Once EgonSwap project reaches network maturity the DAO will direct all aspects of development and governance through a provably fair voting scheme where your say and vote counts.

Massive Community

EgonSwap DEX is backed by more than 2 million miners all without any marketing effort yet. Next is to activate the massive marketing and promotion for even more progressive outlook.

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